Pride and Rejecting God's Blessings


Blog post: pride and rejecting god's blessing –

Blog post: pride and rejecting god's blessing –


There was a time in my young adult life when I wanted to be "Miss Independent" and was full of pride. Whenever someone wanted to do something nice for me I made it very clear, in a nice way of course, that it wasn't necessary. If someone wanted to open the door for me, I opened it for them instead. If I dropped something and someone offered to pick it up I would say, "Thanks, I got it!"

It was long ago, but I remember while I was an undergrad, going to school full time, and waitressing tables I only had $50 left in my checking account, at least until my next shift. Just by "chance" my father called and asked if I needed any money. Full of pride and deceived by the spirit of "Miss Independent" I lied and told him no and that I was doing fine. 

Although, I typically made good money waiting tables I knew full well it was an unstable industry and that I may not earn enough on my next shift to make ends meet. Understanding my dilemma didn't stop me from declining the blessing God placed on my father's heart for his baby girl. 

Counterfeit Blessings

I know I'm not alone. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we so quick to accept the counterfeit blessings from the enemy, but refuse blessings from God's own children? 

A good reason why is that Satan gets jealous when God sends blessings, hope, encouragement and so forth our way, so he'll do what he can to intercede. Satan would much rather have you suffer in pridefulness or hand out a "blessing" with strings attached then to allow the Lord to supply your needs and wants. 

SCENARIO: The Job Interview

Think about this. Often times God will use people to bless us and when we reject them, we very well can change our life's course and even affect the lives of those who tried to do a good service.

For example, lets say a close friend finds out you just lost your job. Your friend may have inside connections to those who make hiring decisions at their place of work. A position opens up and your friend tells his connection they know the perfect person for the job, you. 

Your friend shares with you the open position. Excited, you agree to interview for the job. A day before your big interview your pride steps in and you begin to feel awkward taking help from a close friend and you decide to cancel your interview appointment. 

Now, your friend who was led by God to get you through the door has to explain to their inside connection things just didn't work out which in turn may affect their credibility for future job openings for someone else. 

Worst yet, you allowed your pride to get the best of you resulting in you remaining unemployed. 

This scenario may sound far fetch, but I assure you it happens everyday. Our Heavenly Father promised to supply ALL of our needs, so why don't we just take a few steps back and allow Him to do so. 

Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Quote: "our heavenly father promised to supply all of our needs, so why don't we just take a few steps back and allow him to do so.' philippians 4:19 –

Quote: "our heavenly father promised to supply all of our needs, so why don't we just take a few steps back and allow him to do so.' philippians 4:19 –

3 ways to fix the problem of rejecting God's blessings

1) Put away your pride. Pridefulness often times gets us into trouble. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). 

When you begin analyzing some of the faults in others, especially in those who are hateful, there is a good chance that pride rules their lives. Pride is so dangerous that many with this character flaw are blinded by it.

Eventually, this character flaw can lead them to hurt other people or even themselves.

Have you ever met a narcissistic person before? If so, pride is the root of their narcissism (source). You should never feel that you are above receiving a blessing from another person God sends your way. 

2) Start Blessing Others. What better way to overcome receiving blessings from others than to bless someone else. Now granted, your blessing towards others must come from the heart, but when you see the impact your blessing has on another person's life, it will become easier to allow others to do the same for you. 

3) Know the difference between a blessing and a curse. As mentioned earlier in this post, not all "blessings" are from God. In fact, Satan can offer the desires of your heart in a guise of opulence, wealth, and popularity. Here are a few examples: 

  • Finally, you are able to purchase your first luxury dream car, but over time your love for expensive things turns into unmanageable debt.

  • Your hustling 80hrs a week to bring in six figures attributes to your heart attack at age 40 and now you can't afford your astronomical medical bills.

  • Your goal to become popular and well known resulted in unhappiness, depression, and lack of trust towards others as you begin to feel the pressure of pleasing everyone you know.

When God pours out his blessings, there isn't any fine print or conditions, unlike Satan. It's the real deal. Through daily studying of God's word you will  begin to recognize the curses as they will contradict scripture. 

God Blesses You Because He Loves You

God loves His children and pouring out blessings is one of the ways He demonstrates it. From now on, when you acknowledge a blessing from God receive it wholeheartedly and return the favor.

If you're still having trouble feeling worthy to receive God's blessing I want to leave you with this verse, As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him (Psalm 109:17).


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In the comments, please share your experience with rejecting God's blessings and how you overcame it.