DIY Daily Devotional Box

DIY Blog post: daily devotional box –

DIY Blog post: daily devotional box –

Get Organized!

We all know the benefits of staying organized. It’s essential to time management and minimizing frustrations. But, have you thought about organizing your devotional life?

I didn’t give much thought about it until I found myself overwhelmed with never being able to find a pen or pencil to take notes or having my gratitude journal in another room when I’m spending time with God in my prayer closet. 

The solution to my problem – a daily devotional box. Now all my daily devotional items are kept together in one place and easily accessible. If you want to do this simple, practical, and  inexpensive DIY keep reading.

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What makes this DIY awesome?

  • It’s perfect to take with you on trips.

  • By keeping all your devotional items together you can concentrate on making the most of your devotional time rather than searching around for what you need.

  • The box is an attractive way to store your devotional items.

  • It encourages to spend more time with God

  • It's easy to personalize

  • This is a fun project to do with your kids or church youth group.

  • You can give one away as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Daily devotional box –

Daily devotional box –

What you’ll Need

  • a decorative box with lid (purchase a box or decorate an old shoebox with contact paper and embellishments)

  • a bible

  • a small journal

  • pens/pencils/highlighters

  • a small notepad and or post-it notes

  • tissues

  • a bookmark

If you don’t already have these items visit your local Dollar Tree or check out the dollar section at Michael’s and Target for bargains.


  • Index cards for scripture memorization

  • Colored pencils to sketch inside your bible or journal

  • Anointing oil

  • Prayer cloth

The only thing left to do organize your items inside of your box and you’re done. DIY’s don’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or complicated so why not try this one? 


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If you tried this DIY please let me know in the comments any essentials you added to your box that I haven't mentioned. 


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DIY Daily Devotional Box